About Us:

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About Us:

David L. Gagnow, MAI, SRA WCGA # 90

David is the managing partner and founder of Appraisal Consultants, LLC which started in the 1980's under the name DLG, Inc. and then later becoming Appraisal Consultants, LLC. David has been in the appraisal business for the better part of 30+ years.

David has earned the highest designation available to a commercial real estate appraiser the 'MAI' designation through the 'Appraisal Institute'. In basic terms this would be equivelant to the 'CPA' designation in accounting.

In addition to his work as a commercial appraiser David become involved with the Appraisal Institute primarily in appraiser education where he was an independent instructor for the Appraisal Institute. Teaching numerous appraisal related courses around the country from the mid to late '80's and early to mid '90's. David also served as a local level ethics investigator and a national level judge in ethics matters.

Currently David is doing fee appraisals, consulting work, and litigation support (i.e. expert witness). He is also a Wisconsin Certified General Appraiser and licensed Real Estate Broker (Wisconsin).


Jeffrey S. Gagnow, WCGA # 1327

Jeffrey began his appraisal career working for his father when it was still DLG, Inc. (around 1986) as a 'gopher' entering data, assembling reports, etc. In the early 90's Jeffrey became one of the youngest licensed appraisers in the state of Wisconsin (around the age of 20+-) at which time he began doing residential form appraisals for sales, refis, etc. In the late 90's when he became more involved in commercial, industrial, and eminent domain appraisals and consulting.

In 2005 Jeffrey became a Certified General Appraiser and is currently a fee appraiser, consultant, and an associate member; Appraisal Institute. Jeffrey is available for fee appraisals, consulting work, litigation support (i.e. expert witness), etc.

If you would like a copy of our complete resume's and/or references for any potential appraisal/consulting work please call or email us anytime.

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