Fee Quotes:

Each client and project deserves our individual attention; more than just filling out a generic form and pressing 'send'.


Fee Quotes:

Because we deal with a variety of property types from vacant land to complex commercial properties for differing situations we prefer to interact and discuss each project with the prospective client in detail versus a basic 'web based form'. This way we can adquately address any fee/bid request for an appraisal(s), consulting assignment, and/or litigation support.

There are some basic questions that we ask prospective clients (especially new clients) to guage the detail and complexity of the project:

1.Who is our client?

2. What will the appraisal be used for? (this must be noted within the report to comply with USPAP*)

3. The effective date of the appraisal (current or retrospective)?

4. Type of report (restriced, summary report, sefl contained, oral, etc.)?

5. Timing or date when the appraisal is needed by?

6. Property type (residential, commercial, vacant land or improved, etc.)?

*USPAP - Uniform Standared of Professional Appraisal Practice


Please call or email us with any questions or fee/bid requests:

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